CLICK here… May/ June 2023 ✨Spring is in the air! Let’s SMUDGE & get rid of some unwanted energy!

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Spring is in the air! Let’s SMUDGE & get rid of some unwanted energy!

Another way to change your spaces energy for the better is to waft it with smoke (the good kind!). Using smoke from the embers of ancient medicinal herbs to “clear a space” is called smudging & the most popular plants to smudge with are sage, rosemary & other beautiful herbs. 

When should I sage my  space? Whenever you feel that it needs an ‘energetic cleanse’ or perhaps a Full or New Moon. 

How to sage my space?

  1. Set your intention. You need to be clear of the outcome that you want. Are you trying to cleanse a room of negative energy? Example: ‘I want this space to be filled with light, love & prosperity’.
  2. Light your sage stick. Point the tip down & light the sage from the bottom so that the air draws it into the leaves & it burns evenly. If you burn the sage w/ the tip pointing up it may not light.
  3. Sage yourself to make sure you are clear from any negative energies. Waft the sage towards you w/ your hand. Draw the smoke over all of these different areas: mind, ears, mouth, heart, back, hair, whole body & feet.
  4. Open up all the windows in your house – this is a great time to let fresh air come in!
  5. Start w/ the farthest room in the house (from the entrance) & walk around doing every corner, windowsill & doorways from the bottom up in each area. Windows & doorways are called ‘gateways’ & negative energy can easily enter the house through these. Carry a fire resistant dish around w/ you to catch any ash. (Remember, even though there is no flame, it’s still burning, so take care & watch out for any embers!)
  6. Focus on high traffic areas, like the living room & kitchen. These are common areas that often hold energy from many different people.
  7. Sage certain items in your house that you are constantly using or items that are people are handling a lot. These are susceptible to picking up negative energy.
  8. At the end of your practice, sage the front door from the inside to the outside.
  9. Afterwards, take a bit of the ash & put it at the entrance. Place it on the inside of the door if you need to protect energies from going out, or on the outside if you have a lot of people coming in & you want to protect the energies that come through the door.
  10.  Finally, clap your hands around the house dispel any lingering energies. Supposedly loud noises keep the energy out.

This is a wonderful cleansing ritual for you & your space. You’ll feel lighter… body, mind & soul!

~ Maureen

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