CLICK here… July/ August 2023 ✨TRAVELING & Crystals

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July/ August 2023 ✨TRAVELING & Crystals

Travelling can be a mind expanding experience – but that doesn’t mean it’s stress-free. Take your journeys with peace of mind thanks to these specifically selected crystals. Enjoy calmer airport experiences, fewer delays  & a sense of security – no matter where your travels take you.

The good news is that healing crystals can promote safe & enjoyable travel. If you have a fear of flying, feel outside your comfort zone, or are just home sick, these crystals may help.

Discover the calming power of Amethyst for your travels - its soothing energy & calming influence will help you find a balance between being in control & taking it easy, reducing anxiety & making your journey more pleasant & safe.

Black Tourmaline is the perfect way to stay protected when traveling! Its grounding properties can block out the negative energy of crowded places, while encouraging a more relaxed, positive attitude. Whether it’s in the airport or on the tourist trail, Black tourmaline is your ally!

Bring luck to your travels with Moonstone. Known as the traveler's stone, it helps protect you against road rage, motion sickness, & jet lag, as well as easing any homesickness. Make Moonstone your companion on your next adventure for a smoother journey.

Rose Quartz helps you stay connected to self love while you travel. Use it to neutralize fear & anxiety, attract positive energy, reduce homesickness & even protect against accidents. Perfect for solo travelers, it is the ultimate travel companion that radiates love & compassion.

Here are a few ways to get the most from these crystals:

  • Wearing crystals in jewelry, such as rings, bracelets & necklaces
  • Place crystals in your luggage, handbag, purse or pocket. 
  • Make a travel pouch with several different crystals. Place it in your bag or suitcase to benefit wherever you go.
  • If you’re staying in a hotel, lay a crystal grid around your bed or place your favorite crystals on the bedside table whilst you sleep.
  • Don’t worry about choosing smaller stones that take up less space. This won’t affect the crystal’s energetic properties.

The energetic vibrations of the above crystals for travel can help protect you from erratic behaviors & negative energies. They can also bring calmness & clarity.

Sending happy, positive travel vibes your way! 

~ Maureen 

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