Vintage Chantilly Eau de Toilette Houbigant Perfume Bottle
Vintage Chantilly Eau de Toilette Houbigant Perfume Bottle
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Vintage Chantilly Eau de Toilette Houbigant Perfume Bottle

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Vintage Chantilly Eau de Toilette Houbigant Perfume Bottle w/ Ribbed Sides 3/5 oz empty bottle  just a few drops left. 1950’s 

Cintage 1930’s bottles have a paper label. 

Some history: 

Baccarat bottles where not marked except for acid etched numbers prior to 1936 and some were not marked at all.See /Dating-Vintage-Baccarat-Perfume-Bottles?ugid=10000000003949353The Cristalleries de Baccarat was established in 1764 in Lorraine France, under the patronage of Louis XV, in an effort to stem the influx of Bohemian imports and reduce unemployment in the eastern region. Baccarat has produced the finest crystal since 1816, using 30% lead crystal in their luxurious products of superior quality.Baccarat first started making perfume flacons for Houbigant, Ed Pinaud, Guerlain and Violet during the 19th century. During this time, the bottles had a plain, restrained, apothecary style look to them, in order to leave plenty of room for the perfumer's label. The same perfume bottle was used for many different perfume companies, for instance the #10 bottle was used for both D'Orsay & Houbigant.At the turn of the century, Baccarat was making bottles for other leading companies such as Lubin, D'Orsay, Bichara and Coty. In 1911, the style of the bottles changed, and Baccarat was influenced by other glassmakers like Lalique, Maurice Depinoix and Julien Viard. Bottles were made in the most romantic styles, with hints of Art Nouveau and ethereal presentations of the highest quality.Later in the late 1920s and into the 1930s, the Art Deco movement took hold and the geometric bottles for Myon, Lentheric and Ybry are directly influenced by this. Georges Chevalier designd many of Baccarat's Art Deco bottles. Louis Sue designed the bottle for Jean Patou's Amour Amour in 1924.In the 1940s, Baccarat was again inspired by the mainstream styles and the Surrealist movement which was sweeping France. Salvador Dali lent his unique creativity and designed some bottles for Baccarat during this time. The bottles for Schiaparelli, such as Le Roi Soleil , are the perfect examples of the Surrealist's inventions.Some of the most important artists designed bottles produced by Baccarat, these include Georges Chevalier, Louis Sue, Julien Viard, Salvador Dali.Identification of Baccarat bottles:Baccarat bottles are often only identified by documentation and experience, since early examples were not always marked. Bottles were systematically engraved with a mark only from 1936 onward. Prior to this, some were stamped, others had a small circular paper label, and many have NO distinguishing mark at all. Many bottles are usually signed with an acid etched mark. After 1936, all bottles were stamped with a logo.

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