Divination Detox Charcoal Bath Bomb
Conjuring Karma

Divination Detox Charcoal Bath Bomb

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You are Worthy! Conjuring Karma 

Ritual C🐝D Detox Charcoal Bath Bombs

Indulge this season in a charcoal rich bath bomb. A divine essential oil blend of sweet orange, cinnamon & pine adorned with third eye enhancing divination herbs including staranise, mugwort, marigold & bay leaf. Added benefits of C🐝D help further relax the mind, body & soul that will you release what no longer serves you in a tranquil bath. 

300mg C🐝D Skull 

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Star Anise, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Polysorbate 80, Hemp Oil, 300 mg Lab Tested C🐝D Isolate, Essential Oil Blend (Cinnamon, Orange & Vanilla)  


  • Soak in warm bath for 20-30 minutes to fully feel the effects of C🐝D
  • The C🐝D takes a little longer to dissolve in the water, so you may notice little white bits, that's the isolate!
  • These may slightly stain your bathtub due to the pigment in black charcoal and black mica
  • Suggested use is to wipe bath clean before use and recommend a magic eraser to wipe clean after, if staining does occur 

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