Protection Bundle
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Protection Bundle

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A combination of magic to help protect you and your home… spiritually, emotionally and physically! They ALL include 1x 5” selenite, 3x cinnamon sticks and dried lavender!

Beautiful translucent Selenite is the stone of activation, assisting us to attune to higher levels of consciousness by opening and stimulating our crown chakra. It allows us to gain understanding of our life lessons, helps us release the pain they have caused and enlightens us to what we still need to work through.

Selenite cleanses our aura and detoxes our energetic field. It helps align all our chakras and the spinal column and powers our light body. Named after the Ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, Selenite brings a harmonious, peaceful atmosphere to any room, and creates a safe sacred space for your altar or meditation room.

Selenite is a crystal that doesn’t need energetic cleansing and is great for cleansing other crystals – simply place your crystals on a piece of Selenite.

As Selenite is water soluble, it is best to keep this crystal away from water or moist environments.

Cinnamon is a VERY positive herb and is often the symbol of fertility, love, spirituality, protection and good luck. Due to the high vibration quality of cinnamon we believe it is an excellent good luck charm, it protects you by shielding negative energies and spiritual attacks. You can carry this stick with you OR you can burn it. Please be very careful to keep it in a fire safe bowl as the burning embers could drop and could cause a fire or injure you. Cinnamon dispels negative energy and promotes physical healing, love, success and encourages you to trust yourself/intuition. If you don't like the idea of burning the cinnamon you can simply leave the cinnamon sticks above door ways, in window sills or on your table in a cute arrangement of your favorite things to deflect negative energies entering through other areas of your home. It is all about your intention!!


Lavender is most commonly associated with love, devotion, purity and grace. It is often seen as a flower of serenity and it used in many religious ceremonies. It can be given as a gift, in which case it symbolises new adventures and opportunities. It’s seen as masculine and its element is Air. It is the flower of the astrological sign Virgo.

Due to its calming effects, Lavender is a spiritual healer and purifier. The burning of lavender flowers, or of lavender oil, should cleanse your spirit and ease your soul. It will help to cure heartbreak and eases sadness. Lavender is a spiritual energy purifier and will release and cleanse these negative energies so that you are balanced again. 


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