Black Tourmaline w/ Feldspar #5
Black Tourmaline w/ Feldspar #5

Black Tourmaline w/ Feldspar #5

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Black Tourmaline w/ Feldspar #5

  • Stone: Tourmaline
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Sold By: Single piece
  • Weight: 400g to 600g

  • Size: 3 1/2" to 5"

Tourmaline stone is a potent immune and nervous system booster. Tourmaline is beneficial if you are getting tired all of the time doing your daily activity. It will give you the confidence and determination you need to overcome all the obstacles you're face along the way. Tourmaline stone purifies and neutralizes negative thoughts and internal tensions. Tourmaline will assist you in looking forward to the future and manifesting the wisdom you desire. It will help you release your strength, keeping you empowered and focused starting from the beginning until the end of your business journey. Tourmaline will provide you with relaxing and stimulating energies. Tourmaline will also carry your suppressed emotions to the surface, allowing you to deal with them more effectively. It will assist you in discovering the answers to your questions, allowing your relationships to improve. It gives you a sense of security so you can go out into the world with a sense of intent and self-assurance.

Feldspar will boost cell regeneration and healing following trauma or injury. It's an excellent stone for treating gout and arthritis. Feldspar helps you to think clearly and links you to pleasant thoughts. It is the stone of manifestation and the power of the mind in the creation of reality. Feldspar enables you to move over your fear of conflict or judgment, giving you more freedom to act following your values. Feldspar supports the development of energetic boundary discernment. It teaches you the importance of working with timing rather than resenting its often sluggish speed. It enables you to understand what actions to take when time to nurture and eventually reap the benefits of your achievement. It creates ethereal links between your loved ones which are highly beneficial to the long-term maintenance of relationships. Use it to help you get out of fear by reminding you that happiness is always available to you and that you have the power to choose it. It facilitates heart-centered awareness. It allows you to perceive others and your life events with a “higher” understanding based on loving attention, allowing you to be more tolerant.

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