Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co.
Cedar Ave Candle Co

Cedar Ave Candle Co.

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From the love and desire to keep our home eco-friendly, clean and beautifully fragrant, Cedar Ave Candle Company was born. Using 100 percent naturally derived soy wax, with phthalate free fragrance oil, a crackling wooden wick and our love of creation, every candle we make is poured by hand on Vancouver Island.

What kind of wood do you use for your wooden wicks, and where did they come from?

  • They are made from only 100% Natural wood from Sappy Fruit Trees sustainably sourced in the USA. Our adhered wicks are created using a vegan, non-toxic proprietary adhesive with wood species not listed in the CITED appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 

Are the wooden wicks treated?

  • No, they are not treated. 

What's in our candles?

Fragrance oil:

  • The fragrances we use are made from natural materials extracted from natural chemicals and essential oils and are ISO 9235 certified. The exclusive fragrances are also made using the highest quality fine fragrance oils + essential oils sourced from around the globe.

Soy Wax:

  • We have selected the best possible wax to ensure a clean burn. We use a natural plant-based wax from a renewable resource, it is biodegradable, meeting FDA and Kosher standards. Our soy wax is completely free of animal derived substances and are not tested on animals.

What should I know about taking care of a wooden wick candle?

  • You will need at least 3 uninterrupted hours available for your first burn.
  • A full pool of melted wax will keep the candle from tunnelling, or leaving wax on the sides of your vessel. Your flame height may vary, and may occasionally even appear to self-extinguish.
  • Even a low flame will continue to heat, and the flame height should return shortly.

Do NOT burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

  • When relighting your candle, always make sure to trim the ash off your wick.
  • You can break it off with your fingers or use wick trimmers, leaving 1/4” of the wick for lighting. Trimming will ensure that your wooden wick will stay lit and regulate your flame.

Can I find quick access to safety information if needed?

  • ABSOLUTELY! Each candle has a safety instruction sticker located on the bottom of every candle!

How will I know it's time to stop burning my candle and to purchase a new one?

  • When only 1/2” wax remains in your vessel, it is time for a new Cedar Ave candle! If you continue to light your candle past this requirement,
  • you take the chance of your jar overheating, causing a safety concern.

Can I recycle my vessel? 

  • Send us an email about our recycling program! (cedarave.candleco@gmail.com) (Local) You can either return your empty vessel to us for $2.00 off your next order, OR, please recycle your vessel according to your local recycling centre instructions.

Is there any way I can help promote your small business? 

  • YES PLEASE! Please feel free to leave us a review on our website, or on our social media! Once you receive your candle, light it up, set the mood and snap a photo! Make sure you tag us and we will post to our stories. Thank you for all your support. 

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