P + G Moon Collection
P + G Moon Collection
P + G Moon Collection
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P + G Moon Collection

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Influenced by the moon, the stars and the tides?  Then this necklace is perfect for you!  The moon has long been a mysterious phenomenon studied by the likes of Da Vinci, some see it as a guiding light, others as proof of something more, something powerful and it is safe to say that we are all enchanted by its ever changing reflection of light in the darkness. 

Meaning:  Each Moon phase has it's own specific meaning.  The Waxing Crescent moon phase represents intention, hopes, wishes and ne beginnings. It encourages you to not only embrace your desires but to breathe life into them.   It's all about taking the first steps towards your goals and getting excited about the journey that lies ahead of you.


  • 19.5 x 15mm Pendant
  • Available Metals:
    • Sterling Silver
    • 14K Yellow Gold

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