The Modern Witches Hat
The Modern Witches Hat
The Modern Witches Hat
The Modern Witches Hat
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The Modern Witches Hat

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Looking for an adorable hat to compliment your unique style? Not only is our hat cute and comfy, but it's also a symbol of strength for the modern witch!

16th century ale-wives would wear these hats while they were selling ale. Step out of the shadows & into your light. Embracing all that is you and your power within.
Whether you're getting ready for incantations, spell work or just a stroll on a beautiful warm day. Wear your hat with pride & unleash your inner witch, which is the freedom to be you.

Product Details

  • The Perfect Fall/ Winter Gift you or your friends will love!
  • One size fits most. It has give/stretch to it.
  • Extremely Soft, Comfortable & Breathable.
  • Made from a soft wool blend, not itchy or scratchy.
  • Fits 21.5 inches to 23.12 inches or a medium/large.
  • Or in Centimeters it's 54cm - 58cm

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