Protection Pouch
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Protection Pouch

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The Protection crystal pouch helps protect, de stress you & helps you relax by combining stones that help alleviate stress, fears and negative energies. Creating a space of peace, calmness & relaxation, helps achieve a deeper level of balance and equilibrium with a sense of calm.

Place these on your desk, window or any space that you are in the most (office, work space, yoga studio, living room ).

  • Amethyst (chip)
  • Black Tourmaline (Rough 1-2”)
  • Blue Apitat (1-2”)
  • Flourite (Rough Chunk 1-2”)
  • Lepidolite (Rough Chunk 1-2”)
  • Moonstone (Rough Chunk 1-2”)
  • Sunstone (Rough Chunk 1-2”)
  • Black pouch

Black Tourmaline protection, absorbs negative & harmful energy 

Moonstone eases transitions to accept change & boosts intuition

Amethyst helps free mind of anxieties that have been weighing on spirit

Blue Apitat improves health, well-being, & physical performance

Fluorite neutralizes negative energy, inspires mental clarity, peace & harmony. Calms while dealing w/ difficult tasks

Lepidolite stabilizes emotional state & helps keep emotions in check 

Sunstone brings confidence. Lightens & brightens mood. Connects us w/ Source


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