Karmascents Incense Sticks

Karmascents Incense Sticks

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Karmascents Incense sticks are hand-rolled and blended in India. There are 40 incense sticks, one incense burner holder per tube and six different scents:

  • Length 25 cm
  • Rose: Of course the scent of rose is meant to enhance love. It can allow one to increase courage, induce prophetic dreams and to return calm energies to the home.
  • Jasmine is great for increasing one's creativity. It helps strengthen self esteem. It is also good for attracting love, money, clear, and enhancing one's wisdom and skills.
  • Sandalwood: can enhance spirituality, provide a healing environment, aid in protection and purification. It Increases willpower and spirituality.
  • Lavender: has antiseptic qualities so cleansing and healing are the ideal situations to burn this. It helps bring happiness. Relaxation and can be used to induce rest and sleep. It can also attract love, peace and harmony in one's surroundings.
  • Patchouli: has the same undertone as original Nag Champa, but with a bit more kick. It is burned to stimulate spirituality and meditation. It's powerful cleansing aroma will bring balance and clarity creating a calming and sacred atmosphere.
  • Vanilla: is very uplifting. It is burned to attract love and increase sexual desire. It helps with memory, eliminates insomnia and tames anger. Use it to create the feeling of safety, security and a uplifting atmosphere.

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