Healing Pouches
Healing Pouches
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Healing Pouches

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Healing Crystal Pouches 

These crystals have been intentionally selected to work individually and synergistically to anchor and align your specific goals and desires with the inherent power held within the crystals in each set.  

  • Rose Quartz: is popularly known as the love stone. It adds positive love energy to relationships, as well as compassion and forgiveness. It also calms the emotions and helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, and fears. Working with Rose Quartz replaces negativity with harmony, balances the upper four chakras, eases sexual/emotional imbalances, and enhances self-confidence and creativity.
  • 3x Clear Quartz: is a highly prized mineral in the world of alternative healing. It is considered a powerful healing stone; a “Universal Crystal” with a diverse range of benefits in healing and meditation. It is also used to protect and channel energies which. It is known to restore harmony, stimulate healing, boost stamina, clear the mind, and enhance creativity.
  • Small Key: represents knowledge and success. They can open doors which are locked to others than the key holder. Possessing a key gives a person access to locked rooms. The key is also a symbol of freedom and liberation.
  • Black Sachet 





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