Guiding Crystals in Mini Wish Bottles
Guiding Crystals in Mini Wish Bottles
Guiding Crystals in Mini Wish Bottles
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Guiding Crystals in Mini Wish Bottles

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Guiding Crystals in Mini Wish Bottles

These crystal wish bottles are charged with LOVE & INTENTION! They are the perfect addition to your crystal grids, altars, spells, or next to your bed or computer! Get creative & include them into your artwork as well! Their magical abilities will offer positive, healing energies to whoever is nearby.

White Quartz Sand w/ Lavender - Purity, Devotion, Calmness 

White Quartz Sand w/ Peonies - Honor, Wealth & Romance  

WHITE QUARTZ - Consciousness Wish Bottle
Keep your White Quartz Wish Bottle nearby to access collective wisdom, or even recall past lives. 

Similar to Clear Quartz, White Quartz holds and amplifies intention, while also diffusing an aura of tranquility, calm, and peace into one's energy field and space. A sweet stone for places of healing, White Quartz supports the clearing of energetic stagnation, and physical, emotional, and mental balance.

Healing Gemstones/ Crystal Chips/ Glass Bottle/ Crystals/ Vial/ Spell Jars/ Mini Glass Bottle w/ Cork 10ml


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