Sea Witch Botanicals - Mabon Scented Veil
Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals - Mabon Scented Veil

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Mabon Scented Veil captures the the crisp, dewy mornings and sidelong golden sunlight of autumn with real vanilla, bright bergamot and cozy coffee, spiced with classic nutmeg and clove, and kissed with a cedarwood fog. 

Evoke the winds of change, the return of distant chimney smoke, and the flutter of dry, tumbling leaves with a celebratory solstice blend inspired by all the delicious things you'd want to sip from a steamy mug on a chilly day! 

More Than Perfume

  • Linen refresher
  • Room spray
  • Meditation mist
  • Bath tonic (add one teaspoon or capful to the tub for an instant spa)


witch hazel, water, sandalwood and rose distillates, essential oil blend (bergamot [citrus bergamia], vanilla [vanilla planifolia], coffee [coffea canephora], nutmeg [myristica fragrans], clove leaf [syzygium aromaticum], cedarwood atlas [cedrus atlantica]), natural alcohol, leucidal (natural preservative)

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